Notes On Coinstarts/ends and State Lotteries

Notes On Coinstarts/ends and State Lotteries

Every week, millions of Americans play the lottery. At least that’s how it’s perceived as money they hope they’ll win. The majority of lottery millionaires who play continue to play, and will continue to play. With the perception that millions and millions of people can win the lottery, asking the question, why play? won’t change the negative preconception people have of lottery players, so the answer isn’t going to help either. However, simply asking the question isn’t going to change the perception of the answer.

My family and I, like millions of other people, started playing the lotto be believing that one day we could win. Thousands of you probably do this. I was one of those people who would play every week, and was physically addicted to playing the lotto. Now that I’ve retired, I’ve watched all kinds of people play the lotto, and it’s become apparent that some of them pick numbers that make their lives more comfortable, and secure. These people, like me, are still playing the lotto, and if the lottery is the only thing that keeps them going, they’ll be playing it until they finally win.

The other reason people play the lottery is so they can live through the dream world of the fantasy of being able to free ourselves from the unfair chains of fate and make our dreams of living comfortable and secure. Those dreams are actually within our reach, all it takes is believing that you can win and everything will be ok. Don’t you believe for a second that it’s going to happen, I know I do.

But I don’t want your dollar to go only to buy tickets to another person’s financial dream. I want you to be part of the solution, I want you to be able to do more than just dream, I want you to be able to do something about it. Every time you spend money on the lotto you contribute to making that dream not only unlikely, but also impossible.

If you’re not spending money on the lotto, you’re spending money on anything else that reflects your morality. You’re spending money on your family, on booze, on drugs, on anything that promotes your hobbies, and on everything else that reflects your values. Free yourself from this guilt, this has become a struggle, a fight to fight the empire and the religion of greed that rules this world. The only way you can do this is to get rid of the influence of the addiction. You can do this by watchdoging your spending, and watching your spending carefully.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to realize that you have a problem, that you are addicted to gambling and it is a very serious problem. When someone is addicted, they tend to hide from addicts, and until you get to know about the problem, and until you work on changing your behavior, you don’t know when you’re sick or when you need to stop gambling.

The second thing you’ll need to do is to spend less money on gambling. For instance, instead of buying a lotto ticket, buy a soccer ticket. Make a game instead of a risky bets. Instead of betting on Friday night when you’ve lost all week, make Saturday night your game and pay to have dinner and talk over your lotto strategy.

However, to play this strategy you will have to invest quite a bit of money to create your own luck. I hear you say, ‘How much money I need to spend? I can’t afford that.’ Well my friend, you don’t have to spend any money at all; all you have to do is to invest several dollars a week to make your dream come true. You can access your credit card and credit card companies to find out what it takes to play smart and entertained.

The third way you can spend less on gambling is to play at more than one casino. If you have a card which allows you to play at more than one casino, you can sign up for the card on one of your many online casinos to take advantage of better deals.

You will still have your Pokerace99 money, you just won more and more of it!