Roulette Gambling – Know Your Odds – Play the Better Odds to Win

Roulette Gambling - Know Your Odds - Play the Better Odds to Win

Roulette is definitely one of the most common games in a casino. It is a game of odd and even, high and low, and possibly sometimes a combination of all the above. Not only is it fun to play, but it can earn you quite a nice sum if you are good at it. Nothing quite like the feeling of taking in that huge pot of money after a long hard day’s work in the casino.

To play the game, you first need to place a bet on the board. This bet will earn you money or win your stake. If the ball lands on the number that you placed your bet on, then you will win the amount that you wagered. If you do not win, you wager your stake again and place another bet on the board. You keep doing this with each new number that comes up unless you run into a blackjack and since the casino uses the same board for each game, you can not predict when you will again win. Any an amateur can play the game, but to play efficiently, you need to be keen on the board and know the odds of the game.

Roulette is a game of pure luck and the house edge plays a big role here. Any player can win a spin or two, but to play with the odds at your side, you need to play each spin like a part in a card game.

On a roulette board, there are 36 numbers, with black and red appearing twice. There are then one through 18 and of course the numbers in between, that is if you go outside the numbers as well. There are then a number of small squares, Arranging from 1 through 36. Almost half of the numbers will be red or black, but a lot of them can be odd or even. If you have selected a number, you will have 1 in 37 probability of that number to come up, so there is a 50% chance you will have it next. With this, you can bet on low, middle, and high numbers. This will give you a percentage of probability of winning, just like in any other card games.

A player can bet also on certain number ranges. This is only if you have done your homework and found that certain number often show up on the MPO500 board. Being armed with this knowledge will certainly boost your chances of winning. For instance, in a previous post, I mentioned the 18 black/red, 18 red/black and 34 odd/even numbers. These numbers have been located on the wheel since the reel’s inception. If you are good at calculation, you can make reasonable guesses as to what the next number will be. Take, for example, the 18 red/black and 34 odd/even numbers. Comparing this with the 38 black/red and 36 odd/even numbers, it is again a good idea to bet on the red and black colors and the odd and even numbers. This time, instead of 18 red/black and 34 odd/even, you should choose 18 red/black and 34 even/odd. In this way, you are twice as likely to win and you also have a better chance of taking home the $250,000 first prize.

There are also some preset number combinations that rarely appear. I have written about it in a previous post. This is because the numbers on the wheel tend to be drawn more frequently that the ones in your personal superstitious birth days or via some astronomical calendar. Some people just like to believe that roulette is a game of luck and some will be sure that the ball will land on their chosen number. If you are not sure, betting the same number for each spin is not a bad idea. In the end, if you have won, you will at least have some probability of winning again.

It is also not advised to use the computer to manage your bets. Even if you have nothing better to do, please do not use your work computer to place your bets. This is quite dangerous, and I think that any responsible management of personal finances should be done only by you, alone.

You know what? Just go ahead and place your bets anyway. I am sure that the ball will land on one of your numbers, but the chances are quite low and you have to invest a lot of money to make a single spin profitable. Besides, you can just bet with your eyes closed now.